Aardvark Therapeutics, Inc., Announces Poster Presentations at the 2020 Obesity Week Conference

San Diego, Calif., November 2, 2020 – Aardvark Therapeutics, Inc., today announced that it will present two posters at the 2020 Obesity Week Conference which is being held in virtual format this year due to COVID-19 from November 2 -6, 2020.

Presentation details are as follows:

Poster Title: Efficacy of ARD-101, a Bitter Taste Receptor (TAS2R) Agonist, in Rodent Models of Obesity
Presenter: Andreas Niethammer, MD PhD
Track: Track 1: Metabolism and Integrative Physiology
Category: HPA Axis
Poster #: 170

Poster Title: Microbiome Changes in Mice After Treatment with ARD-101,a Bitter Taste Receptor (TAS2R) Agonist
Presenter: Andreas Niethammer, MD PhD
Track: Track 1: Metabolism and Integrative Physiology
Category: NAFLD
Poster #: 282

About Aardvark Therapeutics, Inc.:
Aardvark Therapeutics is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the development of novel small molecule therapeutics for inflammation, metabolic diseases, and other indications.

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